Chubby Dude in a Tiny Car is a song sung by Homer, Lenny, Carl and Barney during the episode, To Courier with Love. It shows Homer driving his small Morgan through Springfield.

Later in the episode, Chief Wiggum also sings a version of the song as he drives the "impounded" vehicle through Springfield.


Homer: Chubby dude in a tiny car
Making friends both near and far.
In this little town he's a shooting star!
That's a chubby dude in a tiny car!
Homer, Lenny and Carl: From Shelbyville to Zanzibar
It doesn't matter where you are.
Barney: There's not a thing that can com-par!
Homer, Lenny and Carl: To a chubby dude in a tiny car!

Chief Wiggum's version

Chief Wiggum: Chubby cop in a tiny car
Going to the nearest cop bar
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