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Chuck Berger[1] is a student seen in Lisa's class.


He is the kid that asked Lyle Lanley if the Springfield Monorail could outrun the Flash. [2]

When Lisa's substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom, asked the students what their special talents are, Chuck shows off his ability of using the trick of inverting his own eyes.[3]

He has an actual but brief role in "Bart the Lover", when the kids are at school playing with their yo-yos one day (they are inspired to make use of them after some demonstrators come to their school and put on a show for them).

Unimpressed with Nelson's use of his yo-yo, Chuck asks, "That's your trick?", and Nelson replies with "No, this is", swinging the yo-yo up in the air and hitting Chuck with it, knocking him down.[4]

Chuck seems to be a troublemaker himself, as he was seen giving Martin a wedgie on the bus, during "The Otto Show".

An episode with a summer theme features him in class on the last day of school before summer starts. Just as Miss Hoover is about to conclude the story, she tells her students about Abraham Lincoln with the moment John Wilkes Booth drew his gun, the bell rings and most of the students leave.

Only he and Ralph Wiggum remain. Wanting to know more about what occurred in the Ford's Theater, Chuck inquires about it and Ralph asks if the president was all right. She tells them he was fine before Chuck, too, exits.[5]

Chuck is among the admirers of Lisa, who would eventually take the crown from the Little Miss Springfield Beauty Pageant. After greeting and passing by them, Chuck compliments, "Love that chewing gum walk". [6]


  • It appears that Chuck has a strained relationship with his father, which is shown during "Duffless", where his father did not allow him anywhere near the volcano project at the science fair. Then told Chuck to stand somewhere else.
  • This character can easily be mistaken for the Buck-toothed boy.
  • When Chuck has a speaking role, he often speaks with a lisp. He is one of few characters known to speak with a lisp.


Notes: Many of his appearances are brief background roles. The episodes he spoke in are in bold.