Cleric is Marge's first character in Earthland Realms.


The first person Cleric met in the game was a Fat Wizard who told her to find the Armandahl of Nuxinor. She saw only one rock and pointed on it and the wizard said that she had found it.

Cleric later met many characters of the citizens of Springfield, for example Alf. Suddenly, everybody hid and the Shadow Knight, the most powerful and deadly character in the game, appeared atop a black horse. Alf grabbed Cleric and the Shadow Knight's flame sword flamed Turkey Skinner. Alf then ate him which made Cleric disgusted.

When Cleric learned that the Shadow Knight is actually Bart, she went to his castle and started to take care about him. The Shadow Knight had constantly fretted about it, until he saved Cleric before the three bullies. Cleric then redecorated the Shadow Knight's "trophy room" with the Hello Kitty expansion pack. The Shadow Knight smashed all of these decorations with his weapon and accidentally killed Cleric in his fit of rage.

The Shadow Knight later brought Cleric back to life, but he lost two-thirds of his health. When the other characters learned it, they came to his castle and killed him. She was finally killed for good when she was de-activated and replaced with Warrior Marge.


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