You should be out in the fresh air kickin' dogs!
―Clifford Burns[src]

Clifford Burns (born 1860's) was Charles Montgomery Burns's biological father and a seemingly pleasant man and loving father. He was married to Daphne Burns. His mother was Evelyn Graycomb. He is also the paternal grandfather of Larry Burns. He apparently knew of his own father Wainwright's ill-will but was unable to stop Wainwright from abducting his son, adopting him, and corrupting him into a miser. Despite being a seemingly caring and decent father and apparently neglecting his own twisted, heartless father, he has an aggressive and even cruel side. As seen in a flashback in "Dark Knight Court", he burned down an entire comic book company to "teach his son a lesson" after he saw Charles reading comic books, as he saw them as a bad influence and would make Charles anti-social, and wanted him to socialize by playing out doors. This shows that although he loved and cared for his son, he was aggressively over-protective. However, this was implied not to be the case when shown in a flashback "Bobby, It's Cold Outside", where it is revealed that he never seemed to show any affection towards Charles (which is a likely reason he abandoned him to live with Wainwright). It is unknown if this was an intentional retcon or an accidental oversight. Either this was simply a retcon as he is Wainwright's son, he is probably around the same age as Abraham Simpson I.


Clifford had over fifteen children: CharlesGeorge, Clifford Jr., Dominique, Archibald, Ernest, Sarah and 10 other unnamed children.  


  • He speaks with a southern accent in "Dark Knight Court", but has a "regular" American accent in "Rosebud". He also has brown hair in "Dark Knight Court" and grey hair in Rosebud, which is probably due to him being younger in the flashback of the former.
  • His children Zeph, Cornelia, and Cornelius have "father unknown" listed under their names in the Simpsons Family Album. This may mean that he adopted the children at a young age, or that Daphne either cheated on him or had an affair with another man before she met Clifford.



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