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ClownFace was a guest villain on the old Batman TV show. He was portrayed by Krusty the Clown.


Bart and Milhouse were flipping through TV channels and happened to come across Batman, where Milhouse was surprised to see Krusty playing Funny ClownFace, a Batman villain. Clownface had chained Batman and Robin to his "Carousel of Death" and ordered his three henchmen (Hoo, Hah and Hee) to start it spinning: "Show our guests to the twirly gates." As the carousel's speed increased, Robin said that the blood was rushing to his head, and Batman replied that they would literally blush themselves to death. Fortunately, the duo were able to escape (not shown on screen), and the police arrived and arrested ClownFace. One officer asked Batman how they had escaped the carousel, and Batman replied that he fortunately always carried his "Carousel Reversal Spray". Batman's reply prompted ClownFace to sarcastically comment, "What don't you have in that belt!"

ClownFace's appearance on Batman gave Bart an idea for a stunt at school involving Milhouse and the school's merry-go-round. Predictably, Bart and Milhouse got into trouble with Principal Skinner for the stunt; but when Bart said they had gotten the idea from watching Krusty on TV, Krusty found himself in deeper trouble with the general public.

Behind the Laughter

  • ClownFace's name might be a pun on both Two-Face and Clayface, although his appearance is more a parody of the Joker. It may also be a reference to Frank Gorshin being unavailable to play The Riddler during season two, thus necessitating a new villain, The Puzzler, be created.
  • ClownFace's sarcastic comment about Batman's utility belt is a reference to the belt's seemingly having a device for every conceivable situation, a topic often joked about by Batman fans.
  • Numerous Hollywood stars played Special Guest Villains in Batman. The only ones that are still alive are Joan Collins, Julie Newmar and Lee Meriweather, the latter two of which were two of the first three actresses to play Catwoman. Eartha Kitt (who, coincidentally, later appeared on The Simpsons as one of Krusty's ex-wives), the third Catwoman, was still living at the time of original broadcast.