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"Clown in the Dumps" is the first episode of Season 26.


Krusty the Clown retires after he's offended, hurt, heartbroken by a comedy cable channel roast of him and because his father dies before telling him whether or not Krusty is funny. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to protect Homer from getting ill and injured.


Krusty's father dies.

Krusty is roasted by fellow comedian Sarah Silverman. He feels offended, hurt, heartbroken by the jokes told about him, so he chooses to go to his father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky, for comfort. When he asks him if he thinks he is hilarious, the rabbi just replies, "Eh," and unexpectedly passes away.

At Rabbi Krustofsky's funeral, Krusty talks about how hard it is to lose a father, which worries Lisa, as she observes Homer's lazy and unhealthy lifestyle. She begins to become obsessed with protecting him from harm.

Meanwhile, Krusty stresses out over the fact that his father did not find him funny, and apparently favored another rabbi's sense of humor over his. He retires from show business after watching a cruel Itchy & Scratchy cartoon he produced. Bart tries to cheer his hero up by showing him reruns of his show, but Krusty notices that his jokes are overly repetitive and sinks deeper into depression.

Krusty is visited by his father in a dream, who tells him to be more productive with his life. He tries to open an animal shelter (which was the former Krusty Burger slaughterhouse), but still feels he has unfulfilled his father's request. Bart then tells Krusty to follow him.

At the Simpson home, Lisa wraps Homer in bubble wrap as he sleeps. When he wakes up, Lisa tells him she just wanted to protect him, to which Homer replies that she can't always save him from harm, and that he could live a long life or he could be hit by a bus and there would be nothing she could do about it. He then gets hit by the school bus driven by Otto, but is saved due to the bubble wrap Lisa put him in.

Bart takes Krusty to the synagogue featuring the rabbi Krusty's father liked over him. Krusty then notices that his jokes are identical to his, and realizes that his dad liked his sense of humor all along and is happy once again. Bart then points out that he may have liked his jokes but hated his delivery of them, to which Krusty shouts that, "He liked my jokes!"


The A.V Club gave the episode a C, commenting "Fresh off a summer of Simpsonsmania, thanks to the phenomenally successful FXX marathon of every episode ever, The Simpsons returns for its 26th season with a nondescript, anti-climactic premiere whose overstuffed cameos and would-be big character death amount to little more than a disspiriting confirmation that its best days are, indeed, long gone."

IGN rated the episode 5.8/10, concluding "Between an anticlimactic death and a redundant conflict, The Simpsons didn't start Season 26 off on the right foot."


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