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The Yellow Badge of Cowardge
Clown in the Dumps
The Wreck of the Relationship
(Marge to Lisa)
Marge: The doctor gave us this machine to help him breathe in his sleep, go to bed, I'll take care of him. (Lisa goes back to her bedroom)
Homer: (wheezing in his sleep)
Marge: Oh no, oh my god, oh, holy moly, it's not wor-no good, no good, oh, aah, what'll I do?!? what'll I do?!? oh, breathe, Homie, breathe.

Krusty: (realizing Hyman Krustofsky is now deceased) Oh god, he's dead, and he never lived to see me be successful! (starts sobbing)

Krusty: Kid, does talking to your dad make you feel better?
Bart: Well, no, but he's not a rabbi. More of a flabbi. (snorts, laughs)
Homer: Why, you little! I'll show you who's a flabbi! (rolls Bart's face on his stomach)
Bart: (muffled) No, You're not a flabbi! Stop!
Homer: Yeah all muscle, In Minnesota I'd be a super model.
Bart: (muffled) Okay! I get it!

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