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Clown in the Dumps
The Wreck of the Relationship

Cultural References

  • The title is a reference to the famous phrase "Down in the dumps".


  • In the couch gag, Homer takes himself back in time to his Ullman short version of him. It stops on April 19, 1987, which was when the first short was aired.
  • The last time Lisa showed concern towards Homer's weight and worried that he will die was in Season 3's "Bart's Friend Falls in Love". 
  • Sideshow Bob, just as he did in Season 20's "Wedding for Disaster", makes a brief appearance with Krusty. 
  • This episode marks the death of Krusty's father
  • There were two scenes from this episode that aired in promos, but not in the actual episode. The first scene involved Homer assuring Lisa that he's "Not going anywhere for at least 10 years." Dr. Hibbert appears and clears his throat in a motion to infer that Homer might have less time to live, but Homer dismisses it as Dr. Hibbert having a severe cold. The second scene was at the funeral, where Comic Book Guy is on his smartphone, saying that the funeral was the worst one he ever "Live-Tweeted." 
  • The chalkboard gag stating "Spoiler alert: Unfortunately, my dad doesn't die" is a reference to a scene from "The Simpsons Guy" (which aired on the same day as this episode), where Homer is crushed by Kang and Kodos' spaceship. 
  • Several of the principles Krusty mentions in his sketches during the binge watch are: Deuteronomy, Hippocampus (Asking if it's another name for the University of Mississippi), Dom DeLuise, Mama Cass, The cast of What's Happening!, William "The Refrigerator" Perry, Newman from Seinfield, the Whale from Whale Rider, and Adele. 
  • When mentioning William "The Refrigerator" Perry, Krusty is dressed up as and mimics the act of Gallagher. When mentioning The whale from whale rider, he's dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. When mentioning Adele, Krusty is dressed up as Wolverine from Marvel (With candles substituting the Adamantium claws).  
  • This episode was received negatively by viewers, as the promos suggested a major character would die, and were disappointed when Rabbi Krustofski, a relatively minor character, was the one killed off. Al Jean has stated that he said that the character that would die was "beloved" rather than "major".  
  • The ringtone that opens several scenes is the one that opens the "Treehouse of Horror XVII" segment "You Gotta Know When to Golem."
  • If The Simpsons actually make it to the year 10,535 (as the couch gag suggests) without skipping any seasons, it would be on its 8,547th season. To reach the "1,647,757th episode," the couch gag refers to, the show would have to have produced around 19 episodes per season since 1990.


  • The Rubik's Cube shows seven colors, but a real Rubik's cube only has six.
  • Since Krusty is Jewish he should have had a graveside service as his father was a rabbi.
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