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"Today we're going to play a game as old as pain itself, bombardment."
―Coach Krupt[src]
―Coach Krupt's rule of bombardment
―Coach Krupts' catchphrase

Coach Krupt is the sadist gym teacher at Springfield Elementary School.


He is obsessed with the game Bombardment, even yelling "BOMBARDMENT" at the end of most of his sentences. Bombardment consists of Krupt hitting students with dodgeballs thrown at full force. Krupt is relentless in playing the game, even ignoring medical orders that would excuse his students from participating (and prevent him from hurting them). Bart sneaked a peek at Krupt's calendar and saw that Krupt had Bombardment scheduled for every day, with "Double Bombardment" on Christmas Day. Krupt also plays Bombardment with bread rolls in restaurants[1]. Krupt even brings Bombardment into academics: when the entire school got involved in preparing for the Vice President's Assessment Test, Krupt drilled his students with test questions while he drilled them with dodgeballs.

Even when he is not playing Bombardment, Krupt still conforms to the "sadistic gym teacher" stereotype and finds other things to obsess over. One day in gym class, the scheduled activity was rope climbing and it was Milhouse's turn to climb, but the rope had disappeared. Krupt told Milhouse to climb anyway, forcing him to pantomime climbing a rope.[2]

Coach Krupt is athletic and in good physical shape, as one might expect of a gym teacher. When Bart tried to give Krupt his comeuppance by throwing an iceball at him, Krupt nimbly ducked out of the way and the iceball ended up flying out the gym window and then destroying Groundskeeper Willie's shack.[3]

Krupt came to Springfield Elementary as a substitute for gym teacher Ms. Pommelhorst, who was taking a leave of absence to undergo sex reassignment surgery. He has a wife and two children, a boy and a girl.[3]

The Kid is All Right 11

Krupt and Miss Hoover filling Principal Skinner's car with water

Krupt also can be seen in the massive teacher brawl fighting Brunella Pummelhorst when Mike starts a fight by talking badly about Edna's fourth graders.

Krupt is also seen as part of the angry mob looking for Homer during Trappuccino.

My Fair Laddy 26

"I see you like reading. How do you like Bombardment?"


  • It is possible that Coach Krupt's surname is derived from the word "corrupt"
  • In his first appearence in the Italian dub Coach Krupt was voiced by former AC Milan player, winner of two Champion's leagues, Gennaro Gattuso[1]
  • He drives a peach-colored Saturn SC coupe, which is seen in "Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts."