Colette was a waitress who worked at Flaming Moe's.


Once Moe becomes one of the trendiest nightspots, Moe hired Colette to help him out with the new extra customers. Colette soon discovers that Moe stole the recipe from Homer, and convinces him to sell the "Flaming Moe" for $1,000,000 and give half of the money to Homer, before Homer runs into the restaurant and reveals that the secret ingredient is cough syrup. After the whole town is filled with Flaming Moe's knockoffs, Moe mentions to Homer that Colette left to pursue a movie career.


  • She often calls Moe by his formal name, "Morris", which contradicts other episodes where his full name is said to be "Momar". Since "Morris" is an English name, it also contradicts the mentions of Moe being Italian which are prevalent in the early seasons. It is possible that Colette doesn't know Moe's full name and is just assuming it is Morris, in a misguided attempt to be pretentious.
  • She was originally "stunt casted" with actress Catherine O'Hara playing her. Since they were going for a parody of Shelly Long's role as Diane Chambers from Cheers, the temp track of Jo Ann Harris' reading of the line was used instead, as it was a dead on impression of Shelly Long. It was a rare instance of a celebrity's appearance on the show not being used in the finished episode.


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