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Colonel (Oberst) Wilhelm Klink is a character from the comedy series Hogan's Heroes, which Homer is a fan of. Klink is an Luftwaffe officer of aristocratic descent, who runs a German prisoner of war camp in the Second World War, with many American prisoners.


Homer phones the Marital Stress Hotline, but when realising the advisor on the other end is Ned Flanders, he is knocked unconscious in the phonebooth. His conscience appears to him in the form of Isaac Newton. Homer does not know who Newton was so his conscience instead becomes Klink. Klink shows Homer what his life would have been like had he married Mindy Simmons and not Marge, revealing it would be great for each party. Klink tells Homer he is not really Colonel Klink, merely part of Homer's imagination, so can not confirm if the 'real' Kilnk received any of Homer's letters, nor does he care when Homer tells him that "Hogan had tunnels all over [his] camp." However, when Homer pleads that Klink has "foresaken" him, Klink reappears and seems genuinely concerned when Homer tells him "Kinch had a radio in the coffee pot."[1]

Behind the Laughter

  • In Hogan's Heroes, Klink was portrayed by Werner Klemperer, who voices him in the episode.
  • The POW camp Klink ran was Stalag 13 in Hammelburg