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Comic Book Gay is Comic Book Guy's cousin who he heavily resembles.


Comic Book Gay, despite heavily resembling Comic Book Guy, has a fancy brown handle-bar mustache and a lime green shirt with blue pants instead of a blue regular shirt with red pants, like Comic Book Guy.

As questioned by Homer, Comic Book Gay does in fact love comic books "of a certain kind". Also, he seemed to immediately answer to Homer that he is not his cousin, leading to the belief that many people mistake him for Comic Book Guy.

Just like his cousin, he says his catchphrase, but in a different fashion, shouting disgruntled, "Most insidious stereotype ever!" Moe proclaimed that he, like all gays, was attracted to all men. Immediately afterwards, Julio behind him called him cute and asked him if he would like to go out. Still wearing the same annoyed expression on his face, and not having the faintest idea who just asked him out, Comic Book Gay accepted the offer.