Comics Fan No More is a story from Bart Simpson Comics 25.


Bart is helping Comic Book Guy at the comic convention, to earn a Radioactive Man comic. While setting up the stall, Gary, the booth rent collector, takes the comic for the booth price. The convention opens and Bart is stuck at the busy stall as Comic Book Guy goes round getting figures signed and getting changed for the costume contest. Bart pulls him back, telling him about the comic being took, when CBG mentions it is worth $2. In anger that the Comic Book Guy had him working all day for $2, Bart announces on a megaphone that everything at the Androids Dungeon stall is free, causing a riot, Comic Book Guy tells him "you will probably resign now", in which Bart responds "And give up the comic business?"

Cultural references

  • Star Trek: Comic Book Guy insists he be called Number One after Star Trek actor Jonathan Frakes.
  • Batman: Comic Book Guy mentions a scene from the Batman TV Show.
  • Spiderman: Comic Book Guy says he has behavioured as shamefully as Doctor Octupus
  • When everyone are wanting bart to sign their comics one person wants him to sign a futurama comic with a fuzzy picture of bender on it





  • Comic Book Guy's Van


  • Springgrapnoveseqartcomtracardcon


  • Radioactive Man Salutes the Bicentennial


Tom Peyer Writer

John Costanza Pencils

Howard Shum Inks

Joey Mason Colors

Karen Bates Letters

Bill Morrison Editor

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