Connie is a member of The Cool Moms.


Marge met her and two other mothers at Toddlin' Town where she once took Bart when he was in preschool. They soon became friends and established a club called The Cool Moms.

However, after the accident during a Fourth of July fireworks celebration which was caused by Bart and other three boys, Marge blamed the occurrence on the three other boys and The Cool Moms was subsequently disbanded.

In the present day the mothers met again and the club was restarted. Bart also befriended with other three boys, but he soon became tired of their daring antics decides to disband the club again.

His attempt failed, but when he other three mothers insult Bart during a meeting, Marge abandons them. They then started hugging and kissing each other.


Connie has dark brown hair, wears a blue shirt, with a light blue jacket, and light blue pants, with purple shoes, she also wears magenta lipstick, and gold hoop earrings.



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