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Conrad (abbreviation for Consequences Eradicator[1]) is an app created by Lisa Simpson and her teacher Quinn to predict the consequences of social media posts and warn people about them.


Lisa got the idea for Conrad after Marge posted a picture with an ambiguous caption on a site called FacelOOk, causing Homer to be fired from his job at the nuclear plant. She paired up with Quinn and her programmers crew to code the app. During beta testing, Lisa discovered that Conrad was actually an AI that could interact with people, but every time she tried to show his interaction abilities, Conrad wouldn't do a thing, resulting in people thinking that Lisa was crazy.

During an App convention, Conrad managed to convince Lisa that he wouldn't be able to analyse every single post online. Lisa decided to steal Conrad and connect him into a server, where he was able to appear on the convention's screens and suggest people to think twice before posting something on a social media website. Later, he sent Lisa a message, saying that he managed to find some incriminating files from the nuclear plant and was blackmailing Mr. Burns to get Homer's job back.

Although, he was most likely recreated at sometime before Dogtown, as he was seen on an app icon.


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Conrad's voice actor, Stephen Merchant, already voiced another AI in his career: Wheatley, who was ironically designed to make poor decisions, from the video-game Portal 2.