Cooder is a character in The Simpsons. He is Spud's father.

In "Bart Carny," when the Simpsons go to a carnival, Homer and Bart get employed and end up ruining Cooder and Spud's life. Cooder and Spud stay at the Simpsons House and cause a lot of trouble. After spending a day with the carnies, they take the Simpsons' home and the Simpsons have to live in Bart's treehouse. They end up having to get the house back by beating them in a ring toss game by cheating. Afterwards, the Simpsons live in their own house again and Cooder and Spud go back to being carnies.

In The Simpsons Movie, Cooder appears at the carnival.[1]


  • Cooder can put a cigarette in his mouth or ear and make it come out of his nose or butt.
  • He can pull out his left eye.

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