Stay off the west side!

Cookie Kwan is a go-getter in the imploding Springfield real-estate industry, the "number one on the west side". She is of Asian (possibly Chinese) heritage and has a stereotypical Asian accent. She works at Red Blazer Realty.


She is very aggressive toward anyone whom she deems a threat to her business, as she once warned Marge to "stay off the West Side!" and said to Gil, "Were you talking about the West Side?" He responds, "No, Cookie, I swear! I'm-I'm scared of you!"[2]

Both Cookie and Lindsey Naegle often look for a man. She once offered to have Homer move to her house.[3] She once had a relationship with Mayor Quimby and they had a son, but Quimby gave him to one of his bodyguards, so she was one of the 37 women filing paternity suits against Quimby.[4]

Cookie went to Camp Land-A-Man with Marge, Helen Lovejoy, Luann Van Houten, Patty and Selma when she was a child. Marge had arranged a date with Homer, but he didn't appear, so Marge went out of the camp. Cookie told everyone at the camp about it and that Marge was pregnant.[5]

She rented Homer the apartment he stayed in in Waverly Hills.[6]

She and her cousin Nookie Kwan (number one on the east side) once entered into a relationship with Jonathan Frink.[1]



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