Cornelius Chapman was Springfield's oldest resident at 108 years old.

Birth Date



Chapman built the first log cabin in Springfield. He introduced the toothbrush to the citizens of Springfield and, for years, was the town's sole professional basketball player which put him at a bit of a disadvantage during games with other teams, but according to Kent Brockman, he was still able to entertain the crowds. During the market crash of 1929, he helped people jump out tall buildings to avoid disgrace and he once took a bullet (one of several fired) for Huey Long.


At the Springfield Pride Awards, which were co-hosted by Kent Brockman and Britney Spears, Chapman recieved an award for his longevity and his many accomplishments. While accepting his award, Chapman received a kiss from Spears, which caused him to suffer a heart attack, leading to instant death.

After this incident, Brockman unfastened the award from Chapman's frozen grip and bestows it to Springfield's next oldest living resident, Mr. Burns.



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