Cosmic Wars is a movie series created by Randall Curtis. A popular feature of the films is their crazy costumes. There has been seven films so far.


Randall Curtis said that he stole the plots of the first movies from westerns and samurai films.

Comic Book Guy is a fan of the series and watches the films several times a day (even The Gathering Shadow, which he made clear he totally hated).

In Co-Dependent's Day, Cosmic Wars: The Gathering Shadow was released and met with very negative reviews, which caused the popularity of Cosmic Wars to vastly decrease. After Bart and Lisa saw it, they thought that the Cosmic Wars films had lost their way, so they went to see creator Randall Curtis who eventually accepted the low standard of The Gathering Shadow and chose to use the same inspiration that made the earlier Cosmic Wars films great for future films.

At some point, the Cosmic Wars films returned to their former glory and regained their popularity.

In Steal This Episode, Homer pirated the recently released Cosmic Wars Episode VII: A New Take, which revealed that due to a space-time rift, the events of Episodes I, II and III never happened. The audience cheered at this revelation.

In I Won't Be Home for Christmas, Comic Book Guy watched the TV Christmas Special with his wife Kumiko Albertson.

In The Man Who Came to Be Dinner, it is revealed that Diz-Nee Land bought the rights to Cosmic Wars.


  • Cosmic Wars Episode IV
  • Cosmic Wars Episode V
  • Cosmic Wars Episode VI
  • Cosmic Wars: The Gathering Shadow (2004)
  • Cosmic Wars Episode VII: A New Take (2014)

As A New Take is the seventh film there must be two others that are yet to be seen or mentioned.

There were originally Episodes I, II, and III, although these ended up removed from continuity, with it being explained in-universe that a space-time rift did away with them. Based on the audience's reaction to this revelation as well as Sideshow Mel declaring his childhood "unruined", the films were very poorly received.

Television Specials

Behind the Laughter

Cosmic Wars is a parody of Star Wars and characters like Jar Jar Binks . Oddly enough, it was established in previous episodes that "Star Wars" does exist in the Simpsons universe. This inconsistency (of the parody existing alongside the object parodied) was never explained.

The revelation in "A New Take" that a time rift ensured that Episodes I-III never happened was a reference to both the criticisms of the Prequel Trilogy of Star Wars, and also a reference to the continuity reboot in the 2009 Star Trek movie.


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