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This article is about the Treehouse of Horror character. For the real character, see Charles Montgomery Burns.

Ah, fresh victims for my ever-growing army of the undead!
―Count Burns

Count Burns was a vampire who resided in his country house in Pennsylvania until he was killed by Homer.


The media becomes frenzied when they discover that one of the residents has attacked and killed a person in Springfield, but can't pinpoint who it is, with the police thinking a mummy was the cause of the attack (though Lisa knows it's a vampire). Coincidentally, the media also reveals that Mr. Burns has brought the Springfield blood bank. While being interviewed, Mr. Burns shows his excitement for the deal with a rather suspicious bit of blood on his lip that he slurps up when he notices.

Some time later he then invites his employee, Homer Simpson and his family for a midnight dinner in Pennsylvania. Though when they get to the door, he let's slip over the intercom his intention of adding them to his growing undead army over the speaker before Smithers points out he's still on the com. Lisa and Bart become suspicious of Mr. Burns, excusing themselves to clean themselves when they drop the "punch" (really blood) on their clothes. On the way back from the restroom, the two discover his secret lair where they find coffins and a book written by Burns himself bluntly stating "Yes I Am A Vampire". Their presence awakens the vampires sleeping in the lair, forcing the two to escape. However Bart is caught by a female vampire minion and Mr. Burns, apparently having excused himself from the diner table sensing the commotion, arrives. Flying in as a bat before morphing to his human form, he wastes no time in biting Bart, then coming back to the dining room where Bart "claims" nothing happened when Lisa tries to warn her parents. Despite the obvious blood on Burns' mouth, Bart having two bite marks on his neck and acting like a zombie, Homer and Marge buy his story regardless.

After which Bart turns into a vampire and tries to attack Lisa that night at their home, only stopped when the Simpson family find out he really is undead. On Lisa's suggestion, they return to Pennsylvania with plans to kill Mr Burns to undo the vamprisim over Bart, since Burns is the head vampire linked to him. Homer hammers a stake into Mr. Burns's heart as he slumbers in his coffin, killing him and causing him to wither to dust (though not before coming back to life briefly to fire Homer). However, once the Simpsons return home, Lisa discovers the truth - Marge is actually the head vampire, not Mr. Burns.

Video games

  • Count Burns acted as the boss for the level "Vlad All Over" in the video game The Simpsons: Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror, which was based on Bart Simpson's Dracula. Like in that episode, Homer ultimately kills Mr. Burns, although in this case, he opens the windows to bring sunlight in, eventually trapping him in the rays of the sun and causing him to disintegrate.


  • Count Burns' appearance is based on that of Gary Oldman's portrayal of Count Dracula in the 1992 horror-romance film, Bram Stoker's Dracula, which was directed by Francis Ford Coppola.
  • Homer calls his hairdo "queer." Count Burns hears that, so Homer blames it on Bart Simpson.