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"Covercraft" is the eighth episode of Season 26 and is the 560th episode in total. It also featured Sideshow Mel's family.


Homer has a mid-life crisis, takes up bass guitar and forms a cover band with some of the other dads in town. But the band's modest early success is soon overwhelmed by the breakout potential of their most unlikely star, Apu.

Full Story[]

Moe and the owner of King Toot's owner have a fight about him using Moe's dumpster instead of getting his own and get arrested, forcing their stores to be closed down. While at another music store in town, Homer buys a bass guitar and excels at it, so much so that he plays everywhere he is, while he enjoys it, Marge gets fed up with it. Displeased, Marge meets with other wives in the neighborhood (Luann Van Houten, Helen Lovejoy, Bernice Hibbert, and Manjula) who also have been annoyed by their husband's musical skills including Dr. Hibbert, Timothy Lovejoy, and Kirk Van Houten. As it turns out, the husbands are at that point in their lives where something is missing or rather there is a void in their life and it's a void that can only be filled with music. So the wives plan to have their husbands form a band so they can have some peace in the house. Homer gathers Revered Lovejoy on Guitar, Kirk Van Houten on Keys, Dr. Hibbert on Drums. While they don't think it will work at first they soon get into it when they find out they all like the same music. For a while they are a success and Apu soon joins as a lead singer. Everyone is surprised when they hear App's singing, he explains that back when he first started working at the Kwik E Mart he would sing to the music playing. Soon after playing songs by other bands they form the band and name it Covercraft. After a successful gig at the Cabbage festival, an 80's band that Apu idolizes sees the video and invite Apu to perform with them on a tour. Homer is at first cool with it, but when he sees the success Apu has gotten, he gets outraged. At a concert in Springfield, he uses a backstage pass to sneak into Apu's dressing room and steal his shirt, but Apu catches him and admits that he feels lonely and homesick, so Homer decides to get revenge on the band, by poisoning them with Kwik E-Mart hot dogs. Apu brings out Covercraft back on board and has a good time with his friends, even when they are arrested for food poisoning.



It was originally going to be called Band of Dads but was changed for unknown reasons.

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