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Cowboy Bob is an RV salesman who appears in "The Call of the Simpsons" and "Mobile Homer".

Role in The Simpsons

When the Simpsons see Ned just got a new RV the Simpsons decide to get one and go to Bob's RV Round-Up. The Simpsons then see a huge RV named The Ultimate Behemoth and Homer tries to get it but brings sales down so much the Simpsons have to get a cheaper one. In Bart Gets an "F", he is seen singing in the snow between Marge and Jasper. He later attempts to trick Homer in regards to an RV when Homer needed a Nest Egg, and also had Homer and his kids shipped to Turkey.


Bob works at Bob's RV Round-Up, but he doesn't own the place ("Long story"). He is the ultimate shark salesman and he knows a sucker when he sees one. Bob taken the Simpsons on a tour of the "Ultimate Behemoth". However, he has ignored Marge's inquisitions for the price of the RV: either him being sexist or is aware of the fact that he knows her family can't afford it.



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