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Cregg Demon is a man who is a magician and ran for Parliament in Canada.


The Great Raymondo expressed distaste at how he did his act and the way he looked. He did an illusion on television that involved him "walking into Hell and bringing out a woman. He had this woman's phone number tattooed on him, as well as the rest of the audience. He later used his son to get Lisa to reveal the secret of Harry Houdini's milk can escape. While performing this escape, David Copperfield, Ricky Jay, Penn Jillette and Teller swapped his fake milk can with a real one, leaving him to die. After The Great Raymondo and Lisa fought them off, The Great Raymondo saved him. Cregg Demon then said that he would quit magic and become a parliamentary candidate in Canada.[1] However, Cregg Demon didn't quit magic, as he was seen performing a magic show on the Royalty Valhalla cruise ship.[2]

Behind the Laughter

Cregg Demon is a parody of Criss Angel, backed up by the fact he calls himself "Cregg Demon, Magicfreek!"; a parody of Criss Angel's title, "Criss Angel, Mindfreak!"