Lurleen Lumpkin - Llorando en mi cuna (Subtitulada)

Lurleen Lumpkin - Llorando en mi cuna (Subtitulada)

Cryin' in My Cradle is a song by Lurleen Lumpkin in Papa Don't Leech.


Being abanded by her father Lurleen hated men. To let the Simpsons family know she sang a song abioiut how her daddy left the Lumpkin family when she was only four years. This song made The Simpson family, SLH and Snowball V cry, but most of all Gerald Samson.[1]


  • Maggie Simpson (phoning Gerald thus making him cry because of the song)


I was crying in my cradle

when my daddy hopped a train.

He left a hole in my heart

and filled it up with pain.

I know no amount of liquor

will sooth my aching ticker.

'Cause the love

for my deadbeat daddy

Is still pumpin' through my pains.


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