And feast on road kill
―Crystal Meth Spuckler[src]

Crystal Meth Spuckler is one of the children of Cletus Spuckler and Brandine Spuckler.


Crystal Meth was first introduced during the roll call of the seven Spuckler children when Lisa was appointed to tutor them. After Lisa takes her, along with the other Spuckler children to see downtown Springfield, in order to introduce them to culture in the outside world, they run into Krusty, who takes it upon himself to use them as a musical act for his show, and offers them a contract, which Cletus agrees to. During their time as star on The Krusty the Clown Show, they spend most their time singing in several different acts and signing autographs. Right before Krusty takes the children on tour, Brandine arrives to tell Krusty that the contract is null and void, since Cletus is the father of only two of them, and that he signed the contract with an X mark rather than a real signature. After the Spuckler family chooses to go home, the children thank Lisa for everything and hug her. Heather Spuckler/Gallery




  • In Crystal Meth's episode appearances, there appear to be an inconsistency in her actual height.
  • There is no surprise on her name.
  • She bears a resemblance to her brother International Harvester Spuckler implying they may be related closer than their other siblings.


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