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(Lisa and Bart are investigating Nelson, who's playing a game on a tablet, about the missing smoker)
Lisa: And those are some nice upgrades.
Bart: Expensive upgrades!
Lisa: Upgrades like that costs gems, and gems cost cash.
Bart: Expensive cash!
Lisa: Where did you get the cash, Nelson?
Nelson: I don't use gems! I'm a grinder. A grinder! (spins the merry-go-round, making Bart and Lisa dizzy)

Homer: Then they called me "Stinkson"! That's not even my name.
Lisa: What happened? Our family's been ostracized for lots of things but never our hygiene. (silence) Rarely our hygiene. (silence) Never my hygiene!

Homer: A roadside barbecue stand? Everything tastes better when it's near a road.

(Homer, Bart and Lisa give up hope on finding the smoker. Marge tries to cheer them up)
Marge: Get up off that floor! We are on a head to head cook off that'll be shown on TV and probably some planes!
Lisa: We don't have the smoker! Just let us forfeit with dignity.
Marge: We still have to try. This isn't a family of quitters!
Homer: Sure we are. We always have been and more so now.
Bart: I'm a quitter, and I'll back down to anyone who says I'm not!
Marge: Come on, Buddhists aren't quitters!
Lisa: Actually mom, Buddhism is really just quitting in yoga pants.
Marge: (raises her fist, showing a bracelet) This is a live strong bracelet! Lance Armstrong never quit. He never quit the Tour de France, he never quit lying about his steroid use, and he still hasn't totally come clean. Now get in the car!

(The kids are at the school's teacher bored after the movie)
Nelson: That movie was so bad it actually stinks. (sniffs) Ugh! It's not the movie! It's Bart! (everybody sniffs him and backs off)
Bart: I don't stink! You're just smelling the olg boogers on your noses. You gotta pick those things. It's called hygiene.
Martin: If I may join in the mockery, Lisa Simpson also has an appalling odor. (the kids sniff Lisa, and also backs off her)
Lisa: What? (gasps) I don't smell. Girls don't smell! (Milhouse sniffs her)
Milhouse: Sorry girl, but you smell.
Nelson: Stinksons! Stinksons!
Kids: Stinksons! Stinksons!
Skinner: Children can be so cruel.

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