Every Man's Dream
Cue Detective

Cultural References

  • The title is a reference to the HBO drama "True Detective".
  • The CRT TVs in scrap city are organized in a way they look like the Pillars of Creation.
  • Bender from the TV Series Futurama and The Simpsons episode Simpsorama appears on The Simpsons basement, acting as a money safe.
  • One of the wrecked Springfield Monorail wagons can be seen on the scrap yard.
  • Skinner shows the kids the movie Doctor Dolittle.
  • Lisa mentions that she has been watching a lot of Sherlock Holmes movies.
  • Tyler said he met Nelson through "Clash of Castles", an obvious parody of the hit game Clash of Clans.


  • This is the first episode since Coming To Homerica to feature CRT TVs, not counting flashbacks. In fact, Bart and Lisa observe several CRT TVs in the Scrap city.
  • On the sign for the Scrap city, the word "Sponsor" suddenly changes to "Sponser".
  • This episode is one of the episodes not to have an opening sequence.

Previous Episodes References


  • When Nelson spins the Merry-go-round, Lisa was not holding onto it, but she somehow stays on top of it. Normally, a person would have been thrown away from the ride due to momentum.
  • Normally, Nelson is shown as a poor kid, but in this episode, he has plenty of money to afford a tablet. He might have saved up his money.

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