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Cypress Creek is a planned community and a company town built for the employees and families of Globex Corporation, whose headquarters is located in Cypress Creek.


Cypress Creek is surrounded by dense redwood forests and mountains, making the town very secluded from the outside world. According to a leaflet, one of the forest's trees can make 'enough sawdust to cover an entire day's sick at Disneyland.'  There are no bums in Cypress Creek and if there were, they would not rush, they would be allowed to go at their own pace.

The town is extremely high-tech, the automatic utilities and objects in the worker's houses ensure that no chores have to be done. Cypress Creek has at least one school; Cypress Creek Elementary School.

Cypress Creek Elementary School - Better

Cypress Creek Elementary School.

The main shopping area is Cypress Creek Promenade, which has many shops including a sports memorabilia store called "The Spend Zone".

Additionally, it is alluded to by Hank Scorpio that the town has a hammock complex located "on 3rd" (presumably 3rd Avenue, though it is never referred to as such directly), comprising several hammock retailers including "The Hammock Hut", "Hammocks 'R' Us", "Put Your Butt There", "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" and others. In response, Homer acknowledges that the hammock complex is part of a larger hammock district, thereby making the implication that Cypress Creek possesses quite possibly the largest selection of hammock retailers in the world.


Behind the Laughter[]

The town of Cypress Creek was originally to be called "Emerald Caverns" but was changed to sound more like a place in Silicon Valley. It has been noted that the town bears strong geographic resemblance to Redwood Shores, California, and that Globex Corporation has many similarities to Oracle Corporation, which is headquartered there.