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D'oh Canada
Woo-hoo Dunnit?

D'oh Canada is the twenty-first episode of Season 30.


When the Simpson family go to Niagara Falls, Lisa goes over the Falls and is mistakenly given asylum in Canada. When Marge goes to Canada to rescue Lisa, they begin to re-evaluate their love for America.


Behind The Laughter


The musical mock salute to upstate New York drew substantial attention from the natives of that area, including a response from the New York State Republican Committee blaming the policies of Andrew Cuomo for making the region a laughingstock and a fact check from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, which concluded most of the claims were true but that some (such as Fox News viewership and disability claims) were misleading or unprovable. The Great New York State Fair responded that they were taking the song in jest but would invite the writers to the fair to allow them to see the area in person.

The episode came under fire in late April 2019 for offending some people. While the episode mocked American and Canadian heads of state Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau and brought up the SNC-Lavalin affair, the aspects that caused offense were largely related to the Frank Sinatra parody song where Homer made fun of Upstate New York and for the use of the slur "newfie" in relation to Canadian residents of Newfoundland. In the latter several Canadian children chime "stupid newfies" before a character closely resembling Ralph Wiggum calls himself one and proceeds to beat a baby seal pup plush toy with a club while singing about being a Newfoundlander. Musician Bruce Moss rejected an offer from the show's producers to use his song "The Islander" for the episode, referring to them as "morally bankrupt" and turning down $20,000 US.


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