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"Dad Behavior" is the eighth episode of Season 28. (originally going to be the first episode of the season).


Homer finds a new app that makes his life much easier and outsources his father-son bonding. Meanwhile, Grampa finds out he is about to become a father again.

Full Story

The episode starts with the Created by/Developed by credits on the TV, and then it is cut to Homer watching TV and pushing it with a broom. Marge complains about him never assembling the furniture, to the point where the TV is on top of a media center box since the opening sequence finishes. She convinces him to do so, but he gets stuck on it and manages to swallow the Allan wrench. He calls Barney for help and he suggests that Homer uses the ChoreMonkey app, an app that outsources his chores. As soon as he gets rescued, Homer becomes addicted to the app, hiring people for all tasks around the house. At first, Marge is outraged at Homer for using the app too much, but with the help of Blake, she is convinced about its benefits.

Bart was also convinced about the app's benefits, as Homer hired Matt Leinart to play football with him. Homer realizes that his parent role has been replaced by the Chore Monkey. He tries to hire a kid employee to play football with him, but it doesn't go as planned. Feeling depressed, he plans to visit Grampa at the Retirement Castle, but for his surprise, Abe confesses that he is going to be a father again, as the nursing home just got access to the internet and most seniors started dating. Then his girlfriend comes in and convinces him not to leave town.

Meanwhile, Homer starts spending most of his time with Milhouse, and Bart discovers that Matt was only treating him right and saying that he is the best with activities just because it is part of his job. He tries to hang out with Homer more, but now Homer only wants to hang out with Milhouse, and because of that, Bart tries to hang out with Kirk for a while. Marge takes Grampa for a walk in the park where he confesses that Simpsons' men are not good fathers, but they observe Homer and Milhouse fishing on a pier. Later, Marge asks Homer why, and he says that he was bothered that Bart didn't respect him as a father.

Abe goes to his girlfriend's house to live with her, but she had an ultrasound that revealed that the baby was Jasper's son, which makes Grampa very happy. At Itchy & Scratchy Land, Homer and Milhouse encounter with Kirk and Bart. Bart fails to call Homer "dad" again, which escalates to a kart chase. But Kirk gives up and slams on the brakes, launching Bart into a stop sign. Homer pulls over to help, and Bart finally calls Homer dad. Kirk and Milhouse also reconcile and they race to their home.

The episode finishes with Blake failing to convince Maggie to take her pacifier off, sucking a pacifier himself, while Homer, Grampa and Bart sit on the couch happily watching a baseball game together.


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