Daddy's Back is a song by Lurleen Lumpkin for her father Royce.


Lurleen: Thirty years you made me cry,

But now I see you ain't such a bad guy.

I haven't felt this way since the Lord knows when,

And I'm sure you've got a million reasons

For being gone a hundred-twenty seasons.

My daddy's back, and I'm feelin' like a daughter again.

Yeah, daddy's back and I'm feelin' like a daughter.

Bart: Daddy's back, and she's feeling she oughter.

Royce: Daddy's back and, she's drinking bottle water.

Lisa: Keep it down, I'm reading Harry Potter!

Marge: My body wash is Estée Lauder.

Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Royce, Lurleen: Daddy's back, and I'm feeling like a daughter again!

(Music ends)

Grampa: (Coming in) And here comes Grampa with an otter!

Homer: Song's over, Dad.

Grampa: Aww, I took three buses to get here.

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