Daily Fourth Gradian is a Springfield Elementary School newspaper published by 4th grade students. In the episode "Bart Gets a "Z"", it was a magazine.

Members of redaction


Image Headline Episode name
School Scandal.jpg Skinner in School Scandal Bart's locker
Bart to Martin.png Prince beats Simpson.jpg
  • Bart to Martin: "Eat My Shorts"
  • Simpson Defeats Prince
  • Prince Beats Simpson
"Lisa's Substitute"
Foodfight Foiled Fishsticks Seized.jpg Foodfight Foiled Fishsticks Seized "Separate Vocations"
School Election Today.jpg School Elections Today
Are You a Bart or a Milhouse? Take Our Quiz
"The President Wore Pearls"
In-De No-Pants Day.jpg In-De No-Pants Day "Bart-Mangled Banner"
Student of Millennium.jpg Lisa Simpson Awarded Student of Millennium "I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"
Mad about Milhouse.jpg Mad About Milhouse 73%
Batty for Bart 27%
"Little Orphan Millie"
Tipsy teacher.png Tipsy Teacher Mars Assembly
Reveal's Size of Principal's Wang
"Bart Gets a "Z""
Man on Moon.jpg Lost and found box.jpg Nerd stands up.jpg Cool principal.jpg
  • Man on Moon, Gum in urinal
  • Lost and Found Box Lost, Found
  • Nerd Stands Up To Bully
  • Cool Principal Uses Ping Pong to Teach Angles
"Pranks and Greens
Lie-isa.jpg Lie-isa "500 Keys"
Nedna Will it last.jpg Nedna: Will it Last? "The Ned-liest Catch"
Top student.png Top Student Hits Bottom "Lisa Goes Gaga"
Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles 18.JPG Teacher Caught Listening To Beatles In Language Lab "Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles"

Actual Text

Cool Teacher Uses Ping Pongs To Teach Angles

"Mrs. Walker's fourth graders got a huge surprise of their life yesterday when guess who to stopped by to teach them about angles? Principal Skinner. Did he do it with a calculator? No. A chalkboard? No. Okay he did it with a ping pong paddle and the kids thought it was cool.

"I like that he used a ping pong paddle to teach us about angles", said Bobby Reardon age 9.

Mrs. Walker, who declined to comment on this article, was thrilled too. Math is hard and sometimes not so fun and some principles can be mean. But Principle Skinner, who says "Call me Seymour," says learning should be fun and plus once got some award when he was teaching at some other-"


By Martin Prince

"The only secret revealed in our investigation of Lisa Simpson's claims of a secret room behind "Banned Band Books" door was that her penchant for mendacity and deceit have reached new heights! When this previously unnoticed door in Springfield Elementary's cavernous school basement was opened, it revealed - viola! - nothing but banned band books. What was truly a sad discovery was that Ms. Simpson remains an unscrupulous publicity hound of the first order! In the past Lisa has concocted other wild goose stories designed to malign our beloved school. Who can forget her fiction involving the cafeteria's "oven-baked" potato chips not being "oven-baked"? Or her anecdotes involving the slow dripping water fountain in the basement East? And this reporter can personally recall her "October Surprise" soccer field fertilizer scare. Her actions that day shut down the field for an-"



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