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== Toys ==
== Toys ==
# Donut-Hunting Homer
# Donut-Hunting [[Homer]]
# Spinning Bartman
# Spinning [[Bartman]]
# Bart's Suer Skateboars
# [[Bart]]'s Suer Skateboars
# Simpson's Donut Roll
# Simpson's Donut Roll
# Marge Simpson's Energy-Vacuum
# [[Marge Simpson]]'s Energy-Vacuum
# Crawling Maggie
# Crawling Maggie
# Musical Lisa
# Musical [[Lisa]]
# Bug-Out Bart
# Bug-Out Bart

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The Simpsons are promoted a set of set of 8 toys by Dairy Queen's Kid's Meal.


  1. Donut-Hunting Homer
  2. Spinning Bartman
  3. Bart's Suer Skateboars
  4. Simpson's Donut Roll
  5. Marge Simpson's Energy-Vacuum
  6. Crawling Maggie
  7. Musical Lisa
  8. Bug-Out Bart

Toys' Instructions

Donut-Hunting Homer

  • Pull the string out and watch Homer heading for the plate of the doughnuts.

Spinning Bartman

  • Press the Hande and watch Bartman spin around!

Bart's Super Skateboarding

  • Place Bart on his red skateboard and then wind-up the side of the skateboard counter clockwise and set it down and watch him Go and takeoff!

Simpson's Donut Roll

  • Wind up the Suction of Simpson's Donut counter clockwise and then watch him go and eat hiss doughnut.

Marge Simpson's Energy-Vacuum

  • Pull Marge Simpson and her vacuum back and let her go and then watch her spin in a big circle and watch the kitty cat moving back and fourth.

Crawling Maggie

  • Wind up the side of Maggie counter clockwise and watch her go very fast!

Musical Lisa

  • Blow the whistle on the back of Lisa's head and then watch the whistle music blow!

Bug-Out Bart

  • Press the Button on the back of Bart's shirt and watch his eyes and tongue bug out.
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