Dakota is a third grader student at Springfield Elementary School.

Behind the Laughter

Dakota's name was revealed in "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade" as Mrs. McConnell passed back the tests for the class and called him by his name.

He first made a cameo in "Little Girl In The Big Ten". He was one of several students that attended Seymour Skinner Day, which was being held outside of the school.

He appeared in a flashback in "Pranks and Greens", where he was at the school's swimming pool and the locker room with the other kids.

Dakota was one of several kids that were at the Simpsons' house, during Christmas in "White Christmas Blues". In the episode, he was seen drawing and coloring a picture with another girl. He was never shown with his family in the episode.


Dakota's appearance has changed many times in the show. He wore a red shirt, green shorts, and blue shoes. He now wears a white shirt, blue shorts, and red shoes.

He was seen wearing purple swimming trunks in "Pranks and Greens", but then it changed to red in the locker room scene. He wears light blue pjs. His hair color was orange, but it has changed to light brown or dark brown.


  • Dakota shares the same name as another student.
  • His appearance in the flashback for "Pranks and Greens" was likely an error.



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