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|cast status = Active; starring
|cast status = Active; starring
|characther = [[Homer Simpson|Homer]], [[Dan Castellaneta (character)|himself]] and much others
|first appearance = "[[Good Night]]"
|first appearance = "[[Good Night]]"
|last appearance =
|last appearance =

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For the character, see Dan Castellaneta (character).

Daniel Louis Castellaneta (born October 29, 1957) is the voice of Homer Simpson and many other recurring characters such as Abe Simpson.

Appearances on The Simpsons

He provides the voice for many characters, most notably Homer, but also Abe, Barney, Groundskeeper Willie and Krusty. Castellaneta has also appeared as himself on The Simpsons twice and has also written some episodes along with his wife Deb Lacusta. These episodes are "Gump Roast", "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner", "Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore", and "Days of Wine and D'oh'ses". His name was mispronounced by Homer during the credits of Bart Star as "Castaneltela".

He also has the record for most character as his voice.

Appearances outside of The Simpsons

Castellaneta has done some live action acting on shows such as ALF, Stargate SG-1, and a couple of episodes of Fox's Married with Children. He appeared in Matt Groening's sister production Futurama as the Robot Devil. Dan Castellaneta also appeared in the James L. Brooks 1989 film War of the Roses as a man seeking a divorce, marking the first time Brooks and Castellaneta worked on a Gracie Films production aside from The Simpsons.


A native of Chicago, he graduated from Oak Park and River Forest High School and Northern Illinois University. After college, Castellaneta went on to work at Chicago's Second City, which he later recalled on Inside the Actors Studio as "a place that, if you're not funny going in, will train you on how to be funny when going out."


He is married to writer Deb Lacusta. In an interview, Castellaneta says he never talks about the Simpsons at home, but has admitted on a couple of occasions that if his wife is making lunch he may remark "Mmm, sandwiches!", like Homer.


He lives in Los Angeles where he occasionally performs alongside a branch of The Second City.

Musical career

Castellaneta has got a knack for music. He has composed and/or written three songs for The Simpsons, "They'll Never Stop the Simpsons," "Dancing Workers Song," and "The Gay Song". He also released two albums, Two Lips and I Am Not Homer. The former is an all music album while the latter is an all comedy album and contains the song "So Dumb (Homer's Lament)," which Castellaneta wrote and sang as Homer, Grampa, Groundskeeper Willie and Barney. Castellaneta also did all the singing when Homer had become an opera singer, which is uncommon as professional singers will often "step in" to sing for animated characters. Guest Placido Domingo had commented that Dan Castellaneta's opera singing had been remarkable.


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