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Dancin' Homer
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―Crowd at the Springfield War Memorial Stadium

"Dancin' Homer" is the fifth episode of Season 2.


Homer becomes a baseball mascot for a local team, thanks to his butt-swinging dance to "Baby Elephant Walk." The team's subsequent high scores bring him to the attention of the major league head hunters and big commercial sponsors. But will success spoil Homer?

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One night at Moe's Tavern, Homer tells the story of how he got (and then lost) his big is "Nuclear Plant Employee, Spouses and No More than Three Children Night" at the Springfield Isotopes baseball game at Springfield Stadium. At the game, Mr. Burns sits with Homer, taunting the Isotopes, which are expected to lose their 27th consecutive game, reportedly the longest losing streak in professional baseball. But when Homer fires up the crowd to the tune of "Baby Elephant Walk," the Isotopes win their game.

Because of this, Homer is made the Springfield Isotopes mascot "Dancin' Homer." Thanks to his spirit, the Isotopes win more games until Homer is promoted by Antoine Tex O'Hara to the team in Capital City.

The Simpsons pack their suitcases, say farewell to their friends and move to the big city. Homer is nervous about performing for a larger crowd and sharing the stage with the legendary Capital City Goofball. When it is finally his time to perform, he uses he same antics that had wowed the crowds in Springfield. His first performance is a disaster, boring the crowd, causing them only to applaud once he is led off the field and promptly fired.

Homer sadly finishes regaling his story, only to find that the barflies are still impressed.


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