Danny is a fifth grader at Springfield Elementary School.


In his first appearance, he was one of several fifth graders that competed during the dodgeball games against the fourth graders.

After the fifth graders won the game, the fourth graders had a rivalry with the fifth graders, which was to end with a brawl on the playground.

The rivalry subsequently ended after Bart and one of the fifth graders discovered they had matching scars on their hands. He was later seen watching a mythcracker done by Bart and Milhouse.

He would appeared on Firstline Valentine's Day: Always A Massacre in "Specs and the City". In the video, his name was also revealed to be Danny. Danny had become unpopular, because there were rumors he sleeps in the raw with his mother and father.

On February 15th at 2 in the morning, he checked his mailbox one last time for a valentine, which he discovered was empty.

He had eaten heart candies and subsequently collapsed. It was revealed he had overdosed and nearly died eating heart candies.


Originally Danny wore a green shirt, long brown pants, and yellow and white sneakers. He had black hair. He wore a black raincoat. In "Specs and the City", the color of his clothes changed, likely for that one segment in the episode.

Danny wore a green sweater, long blue pants, and red and white sneakers. He has brownish gold hair and a pale skin complexion.

Episode Appearances


  • It's not known when he became unpopular, since he was friends with a number of fifth graders in "Moms I'd Like to Forget" and participated in the brawl that almost happened.


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