Darryl is a student at Springfield Elementary School.


He's appeared in the background of many episodes. He's primarily seen with the popular kids, but on occasion he does appear outside of the school. He has not spoken, but he did assist with


Darryl originally wore a red collared shirt, long gray pants with a black belt, and brown shoes. He had brown hair and also had tanned skin.

In "Barthood", he had a green collared shirt, long blue pants with a belt, and brown shoes. His hair was light brown and his skin is yellow. In any of his appearances, he usually has freckles. He also rides on a blue bicycle.


  • His name was revealed to be Darryl in Barthood.
  • He's very similar to Gus Huebner, but he's more overweight than Gus.
  • In "Pay Pal", it is revealed he lives in Evergreen Terrace.



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