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  • The fishermen were voiced by Asian voice actors. Originally the producers wanted the lines to be done in Mandarin. However, the voice actors convinced the Simpsons producers that Cantonese would be a better fit, as that language is spoken more often by Chinese fishermen and sailors, as many of them live in the coastal regions of China, where Cantonese is most commonly spoken.
  • A deleted scene shows Homer buying several anti-stress items found in workplaces. He uses them all and becomes stressed as a result. The scene was cut due to it taking up too much time in the episode.
  • Bart eats Oreo-like cookies only for the frosting similar to what Fry in the Futurama episode "The Birdbot of Ice-catraz" does.
  • It is never mentioned how the children got rescued. The episode uses the "standard cartoon quick fix" by saying Moe somehow managed to rescue everyone. In the original story Lord of the Flies, the boys' "war" was ended when they were rescued by naval officers, whom ironically were in the middle of fighting the Second World War themselves. According to the audio commentary for this episode, the ending was rushed due to the fact that the episode would have gone on forever if they showed how the children leave the island.
  • This is the third episode to have 'CERTAIN CELEBRITY VOICES IMPERSONATED' in the end credits. The first two being:

Cultural References

  • This episode's title is a play on the title of the film Das Boot.
  • Most of the episode about being on the island is a spoof of the classic novel Lord of the Flies.
  • When the kids are squabbling in the classroom, Principal Skinner restores order by banging his shoe on the desk. Skinner's actions are similar to Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev at the UN allegedly banging his shoe on a table.
  • When the rest of the children (led by Nelson) are chasing Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse and have smeared charcoal ash on their faces and are dressed like Native Americans; Ralph Wiggum's face resembles Peter Criss of KISS.
  • Milhouse swings across the chasm on a vine but refuses to throw it back to Lisa and Bart, similar to the behavior of Satipo towards Indiana Jones in the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Sherri says she is so hungry, she could eat at Arby's. The said restaurant is going to appear in Fatzcarraldo.
  • Contrary to previously published reports, this episode cannot be based on elements from Cast Away or The Beach, as it predates both of those films.
  • The bus hitting a rock and sinking vertically is a reference to the 1912 Titanic incident.
  • When Bart is asking about their problem, he says they will "be like The Swiss Family Robinson, only with more cursing".


Sherri or Terri with a purple arm

  • Sherri and Terri appear in the model UN, one as Trinidad and the other as Tobago, but the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a single country made up of these two islands. The Twins are always seen together and do everything together, so having them represent two parts of a unified nation makes sense.
  • During Milhouse's trial, Sherri's arm is briefly the same color as her shirt in one scene. It is possible that the animator who colored Sherri in that scene forgot that Sherri's sleeve was ripped off during the episode.

Wendell and Sherri/Terri not pale

  • When the kids run from the "monster", Wendell as well as Sherri or Terri is miscolored yellow instead of white.
  • An inhaler wouldn't allow Bart to be underwater for any longer than he could manage normally.
  • Bart would have had no way of realizing the location of the bus.
  • The island was past the horizon when the bus sank, it would be impossible for the kids to swim that far.
  • When Bart went to swim for the food he had his complete outfit, but when he is in the water and when he gets back to the island he doesn't have his t-shirt or his shoes, and then later in the episode he has his t-shirt and shoes again.
  • Also, when Bart goes swimming a fish bites off the back of his pants, but when he emerges from the water his pants are no longer torn.

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