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Dash Dingo was the title character of a video game that Lisa played when she was home sick from school. Dash had many Australian stereotypes (hat, accent, etc.).


Lisa caught a cold since Homer shoved her inside a freezer at a store for her to check out if any "normal flavors" were available. At first Lisa spent her time watching the Learning Channel, but Marge suggested that she relax and play Dash Dingo, one of Bart's video games. Lisa gave Dash a try and initially criticized the game, dismissing it as being of poor quality. However, she quickly got hooked on the game and forgot all about studying to the point that she all but ignored Ralph Wiggum when he brought her the homework assignments. Lisa spent three solid days playing Dash Dingo and tried to stretch it into a fourth day, but Marge saw through her ruse and sent her to school. Lisa ended up cheating on a test because she hadn't studied or done any homework[1].

Preceding the above events, Dash initially appeared as the mascot for a store called Dingo Junction[2].

Behind the Laughter

  • Dash Dingo is based on the famous video game character Crash Bandicoot.
  • The Dash Dingo game closely resembles the student learning game Typequick.