―Database's catchphrase

Kyle [1] also known as Database is a student of Springfield Elementary and the leader of "The Superfriends".


He is the head of the Superfriends, a group of nerds consisting of Cosine, Ham, E-mail, Lisa and Report Card. Like many nerds in Springfield Elementary, Database is a common target for Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney. Database was part of the group of boys who rescued the Springfield Lemon Tree from Shelbyville [2] and was also part of the Pre-teen braves [3].


Behind the Laughter

In the DVD commentary for Lemon of Troy, Matt Groening states that Database is his least favorite recurring character.

Yeardley Smith has suggested that Database should be teamed up with Professor Frink.

Database's father is shown in Lemon of Troy, but he never speaks and is only in the background. He hasn't been seen since.

In later episodes, Database is voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Database is loosely based on the androgynous character Pat who was created and performed by Julia Sweeney for Saturday Night Live.


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