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David Letterman Show couch gag II
500th Episode Celebration

The David Letterman Show couch gag II is the fifth couch gag of Season 23.

It is the second David Letterman Show themed couch gag, with the first one being the David Letterman Show couch gag from The Last Temptation of Homer.


The Simpson family is sitting and waiting in a taxi while stuck in a traffic jam. Homer becomes impatient and indicates for them to get out, and they start running down the street. Homer gets occupied by Raphael to do a magic trick with three cards. Homer bets about 50 dollars on the middle card, but gets it wrong and shouts "D'oh!". He pays Raphael, but Marge pulls him away from Raphael.

They continue running until they get to a security guard, who won't let the family inside the studio, so Homer headbutts him hard, thus knocking him out, and they run in the studio. Outside the stage doors, a woman employee won't let them in there, either, so Homer headbutts her and the family heads inside the stage. Inside, David Letterman asks what they're doing here. As he wondered before, the family runs in and sit on the couch as usual. David doesn't think that they ate worth flying there, so instructs 'Paul' for the band to play the Simpsons theme song.

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