Tennis the Menace
Day of the Jackanapes
New Kids on the Blecch
Bart: Hello family.
Marge: Where have you been young man, it's nearly bed time.
Bart: I was… I was…
(Bob appears in a thought bubble)
Sideshow Bob: If anyone asks… you were at the flower shop.
Bart: I was at the flower shop.
Homer: Oh yeah, uh… I was at the flower shop too. Yep. Getting drunk at the ol' flower shop.

Sideshow Bob: Rakes, my old archenemy.
Bart: I thought I was your archenemy?
Sideshow Bob: I have a life outside of you, Bart.

Marge: Well, I think it's good for a show to go off the air before it becomes stale and repetitive!
Smithers: Maggie shot Mr. Burns again!
(The family looks at him blankly.)

Sideshow Bob: You are in my power!
Bart: I am at your command!
Sideshow Bob: I didn't say anything about command. I said "You are in my power." Now, say it!
Bart: I am in your power.
Sideshow Bob: Good. No, go back to command, I like that better.

Krusty: Folks, I've been in showbiz for 61 years. But now these jerks have sucked all the fun out. I don't need 12 suits telling me which way to pee.
Executive 1: For "pee", could you substitute "whiz"?
Executive 2: I dunno, that could upset the Cheese Whiz people.
Executive 1: I was just thinking that.

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