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Day of the Nerd is a story which is a part of the Simpsons Comics series. It was first published in Simpsons Comics 73 and later reprinted into Simpsons Comics: Beach Blanket Bongo.


The kids of Springfield Elementary School are tasked to sell chocolate around Springfield. Before Lisa starts selling, she goes home to watch a Mars Rover. Homer drives her to Shelbyville to sell chocolate, as everyone in Springfield has bought some. Meanwhile, Bart ends up at a collector called Cornelius Morgan, who reveals he is giving his collection to a nerd in Springfield. On the road, Homer takes a shortcut across the desert, and runs over the Mars rover, which is being faked. When no one looks, Homer carves "Homer Rules" into the dust which appears on live television and is claimed as natural erosion. Meanwhile thenerds are doing everything and being filmed by Kent Brockman as news. After a week, Morgan announces the result that the winner is, in fact, himself. He reveals that he was making a mockumentary movie, with Brockman helping. One strong nerds hits a rocket firing robot, which destroys Cornelius's house and sends the collection scattered over town which causes everyone to collect all of the comic book stories.

International releases

  • Finland - Simpsonit - Rantalomalla
  • France - Simpsons Comics 71
  • Germany - Simpsons Comics 76 and Simpsons Comics, Sonderband 16: Superschräger Strandspasse
  • Italy - Simpsons Comics 72
  • Mexico - Simpsons Comics 103
  • Spain - "Super Simpson nº 13" "Magos del Humor Simpson nº 22"
  • United Kingdom - Simpsons Comics 82, The Best of the Simpsons 40 and Simpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo


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