Days of Future Future
What to Expect When Bart's Expecting
Terrence: Brains.
Lisa: Actually, Terrence, this is a synthetic substance. Devised for zombie vegans. Or "zegans."
Terrence: (eats some of the substance) Meh!
(Milhouse enters)
Lisa: What are you doing here?
Milhouse: You weren't answering your phone. I was worried you might have been... bitten.
Terrence: (Angry at Milhouse) Oh. Zombies not able to control selves. All we do bite, bite, bite. You, sir, am racist.
Milhouse: I'm sure you're one of the good ones. Not to imply that there are any bad ones, of course, but all stereotypes come from a place of... (Terrence bites Milhouse's arm) Ow.
Terrence: Still meh.

Dr. Hibbert: (To Zombie Milhouse) One more injection in two weeks and you're cured. (heals Milhouse's arm, which was bitten by Terrence) But until then you may experience some zombie-ism. (chuckles)
Zombie Milhouse: (sees a jar with brains) Brains! (Dr. Hibbert pushes his arms away from the jar)
Dr. Hibbert: No, those are just teaching brains. They're like the plastic sushi in front of a chinese restaurant.
Zombie Milhouse: Window sushi fake?
Dr. Hibbert: Window sushi fake.

(Lisa and Zombie Milhouse are getting out of a store)
Zombie Milhouse: Brains! Brains!
Lisa: Garden brains.
Zombie Milhouse: (groans) Spicy Mexican garden brains?
Lisa: Too much sodium. (Kearney, Jimbo and Dolph try to rob them with mini-Lightsabers)
Dolph: Give me your wallet! (Zombie Milhouse tries to attack them and gets "stabbed")
Ralph: (Imitating a police siren) Wooo Wooo Wooo Wooo!! What seems to be the oopsie here? (Zombie Milhouse grabs him by his foot and attacks the thiefs with him) Yay! I'm fighting crime! (Milhouse throws him away) Officer needs back up! (stands up) There! "Back up"! (Lisa hugs Zombie Milhouse)
Lisa: The old Milhouse would have been helpless with an asthma attack.
Zombie Milhouse: No breathing, no asthma.
Lisa: I love how you're dropping all your definite articles!
Zombie Milhouse: Brevity soul wit.
(Scene cuts to Lisa and Milhouse's house)
Lisa: Uh... What are you cooking?
Zombie Milhouse: Nothing. (Camera lowers down and reveals that Milhouse is cooking Kearney, Dolph and Jimbo's brains)

Cretaceous Park worker: Okay everyone, Jolly did a great job standing on her hind legs. What does she gets?
Spectators: A goat! (She throws a goat to the dinosaurs and her head lands nearby Bart, who's sad)
Nelson: Chear up, Bart. You work with dinosaurs!
Bart: Oh, I miss my kids.
Nelson: Come on, you're free and sleazy! I know some adult dancers that work with my mom!
Bart: Isn't your mom eighty-seven?
Nelson: With social security a thing of the past, she can't afford to retire.
Bart: I don't know how that happened in a senate with ninety-nine Democrats.
Nelson: That one Republican is great at getting his way!

(Jenda and Bart are eating together)
Jenda: So, that earring I lost in the teleport, turns out, it's on Florida.
Bart: Yes!!
Jenda: (starts tapping the table) That's not a listening to me, "yes". You're watching something!!
Bart: What? Me? That's crazy? (Jenda takes out a holographic TV from Bart's ear)
Jenda: You know, I knew it! This is supposed to be "us" time, and you're lensing a game!
Bart: Well, you're not paying attention to me! (takes her hand off the table, revealing a holographic keyboard under it) You're texting!
Jenda: Yeah, only to complain about you not paying any attention to me!
Bart: If I wasn't paying attention, then how did I noticed you not paying attention to my not paying attention? Ha!
Jenda: (sad) Oh, I thought this time things were gonna be different.
Bart: They are! You're four years older!
Jenda: Wow! What does that mean?
Bart: Uuh...

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