Bart to the Future
Days of Wine and D'oh'ses
Kill the Alligator and Run


Cultural References

  • This is one of eleven episodes where the Teletubbies make an appearance. A Teletubby is heard to say, "Hurt everyone," as the Simpson children watch the show.
  • Milhouse's old blanket that Luanne Van Houten tosses into the trash appears to be a My Little Pony blanket.
    • Milhouse's reaction to Homer and Bart taking the blanket away is a reference to Peanuts where Linus Van Pelt reacts the same way when Lucy makes him give up his blanket.
  • When Homer finds the tiki idol he says, "Get out of my dreams and get into my car", he is referencing the song by Billy Ocean that has the same title.
  • One of Lisa and Bart's ideas for a new cover for the phone book (before Nelson stole the idea from them literally) was using the Kitchen to recreate the painting "Dogs Playing Poker" (more specifically: "A Friend in Need")
  • Homer requests for chips that give diarrhea in order to do "spring cleaning", with Apu returning with a handful of Ruffles chips, referring to a failed venture by Frito-Lay called Lay's WOW chips which included the Ruffles brand, where they replaced the oil that the chips were cooked in with Olean as a low-fat substitute, with it being canceled shortly afterward that the added product caused diarrhea as an unwanted side-effect.


  • Moe's blue arm

    The number of chairs in the bar change from four chairs (when Moe wants Homer to be the new Barney) to three (when Homer is forced to dance).
  • When Moe puts the video tape of Barney's birthday in the VCR his arm is colored blue.

    Rainier Wolfcastle's shorts missing a line

  • In this episode, Barney lives above Moe's Tavern, but past episodes show that Moe's Tavern doesn't have apartments above it and that Barney lives in an apartment building located near the local prison.
  • Rainier Wolfcastle's shorts are missing the line on the right leg (left from a viewer's perspective) for a few frames.
  • When the helicopter finally reaches Mount Springfield on fire and Homer looks down at the kids, he is drunk. Then when he cuts off the ladder to prevent the bear from boarding, he is not drunk. But when he walks then flips the helicopter, he is drunk again.

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