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Declan Desmond is an eccentric and skeptical British documentary filmmaker who has directed several films.

Physical appearance

he has a black sweater with a gray suit coat and gray pants he has a small pointy nose and his shoulder length red hair is tied back into a short ponytail


American Boneheads: A Day in the Life of Springfield Elementary

American Boneheads: A Day in the Life of Springfield Elementary is a documentary made by Declan Desmond where he interviews the children at Springfield Elementary.[1]

Unnamed Lion Movie

After Bart upstages Homer's role in the family, Homer is watching an unnamed lion documentary by Declan Desmond. It is about a middle-aged lion (who resembles Homer) who loses his place to a younger lion (who resembles Bart) and does not want to be in the pit with an older lion (who resembles Grandpa) and decides to spend more time with the cub (who resembles Lisa). This then influences Homer to spend more time with Lisa.[2]

Growing Up Springfield

Growing Up Springfield is his most notable documentary. It follows the lives of the inhabitants of Springfield, starting when they were in third grade and continuing every eight years. It is similar to Michael Apted’s Up! series.[3]

Minor Films

Other than his three major films in the series Declan has also made many minor films including Do You Want Lies With That? featured in 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky, and Ain't No Mountain High: A Blind Man Climbs Everest featured in Springfield Up. Also two other documentaries that he made where mentioned, the two being "Lost Luggage, Shattered Lives", "Up-skirt Dreams" and "Do You Want Lies With That".

Do You Want Lies With That?

A documentary shown in Bart's class about the health risks of Krusty Burger. At the very beginning, Krusty the Clown complains about another documentary trying to make him look bad, hinting that this happens often. Declan Desmond probes this by eating nothing but Krusty Meals for a month. He gets so fat that his cholesterol oozes from his skin, he says "That nothing else can transform him into a morbidly obese toilet busting American" and he'll die if he doesn't have some type of nugget in him every five minutes. Krusty then picks him up in a fork lift saying "You're going to be my breakfast English sausage!" however only Declan's foot is made into a sausage. This gives Bart the idea of giving Nelson a month's supply of Krusty burgers and making him so fat he can't bully anyone.

Non-Canon Appearances

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The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Desmond is unlocked alongside the Woosterfield Hotel.

Behind the Laughter

Declan is voiced by Eric Idle of Monty Python fame. Declan is also a British character and in Springfield Up Homer calls Declan "Doctor Who"—a reference to his voice actor trying out for the role of the Eighth Doctor in the 1996 Doctor Who movie.

He is based on real British filmmaker David Attenborough.

He was added to The Simpsons: Tapped Out as part of the Level 55 Update.




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