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This article is about Denis Leary, the comedian. For the Denis Leary character, please see Denis Leary (character).

Denis Leary is an American actor and comedian. He is also the star and co-creator of the television show Rescue Me.

Leary was born and raised in the Boston, Massachusetts area. After performing as a comedian in the local comedy scene in the 1980s, Leary became famous after appearing in several sketches and commercials (featuring his trademark rants) on MTV.

Since then, Leary has released several comedy albums, appeared as an actor in over 40 movies, and done voice work for several animated roles. Leary has also produced numerous movies, television shows, and television specials through his own production company, called Apostle.

On The Simpsons, Leary voiced himself in the episode "Lost Verizon." Bart stole his cell phone while he was at a golf course.



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