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Denis Leary is an American actor. He seems to be friends with Brian Grazer.


Leary participated in a Celebrity meet, although he was heckled by Krusty the Clown, who wanted Leary to hurry up and putt the hole, to which Leary responded that Krusty and the other participants either stop heckling him or he'll kick them out of show business. Leary eventually threw away his cell phone in frustration (as it ruined a crucial putt at a Celebrity meet) and Bart found it. Bart then used the phone to make prank calls, among other things like putting Leary into films like Everybody Poops, or having his manager order a lot of Yankee and Jeter memorabilia with Denis Leary's money.

Him in "Everybody Poops"

Eventually, Denis Leary caught on and called what used to be his cell phone. He then threatened Bart that, if he got a hold of him, he'll rip out Bart's heart with two of his fingers like he was taught on his show. When Bart mockingly inquires if the show in question was already cancelled or if it was about to be cancelled, Leary then declares that Bart is "so dead!" before Bart hung up.

When Marge confiscated the phone and apologized to Leary, he told Marge to activate the cell phone's GPS tracking system so she would always know where Bart was. This initially worked perfectly: Bart found himself unable to play any pranks or even have any fun because Marge kept showing up and stopping him from whatever he was doing. Bart found out about the tracking chip, removed it from the phone, and put it on a Scarlet Tanager, which led Marge and the family to chase after the bird, eventually ending up in Machu Picchu and leaving Bart with the house all to himself.

Behind the laughter

In real life, Denis Leary is a big fan of the Boston Red Sox, and his character is seen wearing a Red Sox baseball cap. The Boston Red Sox are also immense rivals with the New York Yankees, which also partially explains his fury at Bart when the latter managed to arrange for his manager to buy Yankees caps, Jeter jerseys, and related New York Yankee memorabilia with Leary's money.


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