Dexter Colt is a private detective.


Colt was hired by Homer to spy on Lisa and report his discoveries so Homer could appear to know facts about her life. However, Colt charges Homer $1000 for expenses, including a $40 steak, which would've been free had Colt eaten all of it, as well as silver bullets, because Colt initially suspected Lisa of being a werewolf. When Homer refused to pay, Colt framed Lisa of stealing all the animals of the Screaming Monkey Medical Research Center. However, he was arrested for the crime after Lisa temporarily blinded him with a laser pointer given by Bart. Colt made a cameo appearance in The Simpsons Movie as part of the mob.

His first name 'Dexter' means right (opposite of left/sinister) as a reference to his betrayal. His last name 'Colt' is also the name of firearm manufacturer which makes reference to him carrying a gun. Dexter Colt was hired by Mr. Burns to find information on Lyla. When Colt wanted payment, Burns hit the trap door button but someone had moved his desk and Burns fell down instead.




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